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(Small) Laundry Room Makeover

Actually let's call it a face lift :)

We have a small laundry room in our duplex, which is bigger than I've had in apartments throughout the years so I don't complain about it LOL! Anyway, it has the water heater and HVAC in there on one end and room for a washer and dryer to be side by side on the other end. Plenty of room to step in and do laundry/fold clothes and have some extra storage. We own our entire duplex and live in one side of it but rent out the other side. So we haven't necessarily wanted to put much work or money into renovating the entire place because it will eventually be rented out as well and we want to keep it lower maintenance for future tenants and ourselves.

Since we've lived here for a few years we wanted to make some minor changes to a couple rooms just to keep it fresh and make it feel like "home" instead of "this is where we live for now". The first project we had in mind was the laundry room. I had this vision of exactly what I wanted. I don't think my husband could see it quite like I could, but isn't that usually the case? One person can see the whole project completed without even starting (I have a very vivid imagination!) and the other person has a harder time imagining it and just kind of lets you do whatever because they know in the end it'll all come together? Now that's what I call trust LOL

Here's the laundry room before (washing machine was already removed):

laundry room makeover washer dryer wallpaper home remodel renovation
Laundry room before

The first thing we knew we wanted was a counter or flat area on top of the washer and dryer to make folding clothes easier and make the room look more clean overall. Then we picked out some peel and stick wallpaper for the wall behind the appliances (we didn't need much wallpaper since it only needed to go from above the washer and dryer to the ceiling and there were already cabinets on the wall), some floating shelves and small decor for the space. Voila! Brand new laundry room.

My husband enjoys wood working, so he built a small wooden box to cover up the water spigots that you can see in the before photo and then I added a coat of white spray paint to it. This definitely made the space look more intentional/less cluttered.

And here's the final result:

laundry room washer dryer appliances wallpaper decor home remodel renovation makeover
Laundry room with fresh face lift

I'm so happy with how this small space turned out and the minor changes made a big impact! I would have loved to replace the floor, trim and add a fresh coat of paint (etc., etc...) but we wanted to make this an easy project that was affordable. Especially for a space that will eventually be rented out.

I had searched a few stores for peel and stick wallpaper. I didn't want to order it online because well, I was impatient and didn't want to wait for something to be delivered. We ended up finding the wallpaper at Lowe's and I highly recommend it! Here's a link for the pattern we chose, but of course there are a ton of pattern and color options available. We bought two rolls and only ended up using one because I was that precise in my measuring and cutting ;). Floating shelves make a nice, clean impact without showing any of the hardware. I recommend them for small spaces! Adding a few faux plants gives some extra color and texture to the space since we kept it monochromatic.

It's really a fun, quick project that will make your space feel brand new!

What are some small projects you've completed recently that you're proud of? Leave a comment and let's chat about it!

xo, alisa

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