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Current Skincare Faves

Hello friends! Let's talk skincare. Specifically for women in their 30s...which as much as I don't want to admit - that includes me. Haha! Or maybe you're in your 20s and you want to get ahead of the game and start adding some anti-aging products to your routine. It's never too early or too late to take care of your skin!

It's taken me a while to get my skincare to where it should be for my current needs. My face tends to be combination, but extra oily on my forehead during the summer and super dry in the winter #lucky. Sometimes it'll be oily and dry at the same time - like, how can that even be a thing?!

For a couple years I had a subscription to FabFitFun which was perfect for trying new products. Every 3 months I would get a box full of full-size products, most of which I would likely never purchase on my own based on the price alone. So imagine my excitement when a box would arrive and I would get to try all these amazing new things! One of the products that was included in a subscription box was from Tula Skincare, and it was their purifying face wash aptly named The Cult Classic. I tried this face wash and instantly fell in love! Not only did it easily remove my makeup, it also felt super gentle on my skin.

Click here to buy Tula - The Cult Classic.

One big change that I made to my routine - and trust me, it wasn't an easy one to grasp or get used to at first - was to only wash my face once a day with a cleanser. I know, crazy, right? Trust me, it makes a difference! I wash my face with a cleanser only at night, to get all of the makeup and day of oil off of my face. In the morning I run warm water over my face (usually in the shower, or if I shower at night I'll splash my face with water in the sink in the morning) and then I use this Witch Hazel Toner and swipe it over my face with a cotton round. I've found that this makes my face feel cleansed in the morning without actually using a cleanser (because remember, we're trying to only wash our face once a day!)

You can find Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner at Target or Amazon.

When it comes to anti-aging products, I've found that The Ordinary is a great brand. Their prices are super affordable and their products have high quality ingredients. My obsession with The Ordinary started with one product and quickly grew to five different products in my routine. And their products are available at Ulta!

My morning routine:

  1. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner

  2. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid - this is a somewhat sticky serum, so let it soak into your skin for a few minutes before going on to the next step. Hyaluronic Acid helps to replenish moisture in the skin and I have definitely seen a difference in the drier spots on my face!

  3. The Ordinary "Buffet" + Copper Peptides - this serum helps your skin appear and feel firmer and lessens the look of wrinkles.

  4. The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension - helps reduce uneven skin tone. I had some hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and redness on my cheeks. Using this every morning for the last year has definitely evened out my skin tone in trouble spots! Now I use it a few days a week instead of daily.

  5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream - more of a splurge, but it lasts me a while because a little bit goes a long way. This cream is super hydrating, sometimes I'll use it on my feet or other dry spots (elbows, hands, etc) and they're instantly smoother!

  6. Primer, Makeup, etc to make me feel beautiful for the rest of the day :)

My nighttime routine:

  1. Wash my face with Tula Purifying Face Cleanser

  2. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% - helps even out skin tone and lessen large pores.

  3. The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil - fights signs of aging and replenishes skin's moisture. Gives me that "glow" look, and I feel like it has made my face feel smoother and overall more hydrated.

Sometimes I'll throw a mud or sheet mask into the mix at night for a little extra pampering :) because skin care is self care, and self care is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you!

Let me know if you've used any of these products, or if you've found ones that have worked better for your skincare needs. Everyone's skin is different, there's no perfect regimen. It takes time to find what works best for you!

xo, alisa

Some links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions posted are my own and this is all from my personal experience.

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